Saturday, September 27, 2008


On a sad note I got my PCAT scores back today and I did awful! Your score is based on how well you did compared to everyone else that took the test the same day as you. I blame it on all the Asians that were taking the test that day, haha, just kidding. My scores were as follows:

Section Scaled Score/Percentile
Verbal Ability 406/58
Biology 399/45
Reading Comprehension 407/57
Quantitative Ability 386/19
Chemistry 401/47
Composite 400/43

I did horrible in the Math section and I knew it because we had 40 mins to answer 40 questions that were pretty much all Calculus questions (which take forever to do!). I ended up guessing on a lot of answers because I ran out of time (guessing doesn't hurt your score). But on a happier note I did really well in the Writing Sections:

Conventions of Language 3.0/2.90
Problem Solving 3.5/2.87

I believe the scores for writing were out of 5 with a 5 being the heighest possible score. I did better then the mean so I think I did pretty awesome on the writing portion! Now I just have to retake the test in January and hope for better scores overall. Otherwise I am going to have to postpone Pharmacy school until the next year (2010) and in the mean time take a class or something to prepare myself better! Wish me luck!


I know I'm boring but I wanted to write about the cookware I would love to have! David and I have talked about using our Christmas money this year on buying a nice set of pots and pans. So I have been browsing the internet looking for pans that I think would last me until I die. So far I really like All-Clad's Copper Core. They are really expensive though, but so worth it. Here's a picture of them:

I found a 28 piece set (I know it sounds like a lot but most of that is the lids, see picture!), at Williams-Sonoma (one of my favorite stores, I can hear what David is thinking, uh-oh!), but it's $4,000!!! At least our future generations will be getting a nice set of pots and pans! I'm expensive!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah's First Post

Since David has started posting to the blog I decided it was my turn! Right now I am in my last semester of University and as of today I have exactly 3 months left until I graduate! I can't wait to be all done with my undergrad stuff and be able to start pharmacy school. As you can read by David's posts he just graduate from DLI and is on his way to Texas for some training. My brother Jeff is living with me in Monterey, CA , so I'm not completely alone. In January we will be moving to Fort Richardson, Alaska. I'm kind of nervous/excited about this new journey in our life. Since there are no pharmacy school's in Alaska I will be applying to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, they are the only institution that has an accredited distance pharmacy education program. So since I will be doing online classes I will have lots of free time to raise a child! Yep, David and I will be starting our family in the next few years. I'm really excited for the future and all it has to offer us. Now it's time for me to go to bed because I have to get up early and go to work! (I work at Jamba Juice!) (Oh and I just got my greencard, finally!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out of Monterey

I left Monterey this morning after saying goodbye to Sarah at about 5:40 and arrived to Blythe around 3pm. I took a little different route than I had planned. My first change was taking CA-198 through Coalinga instead of CA-46 via Paso Robles. I just felt like I should take it, plus I had never been on 198 past the intersection with CA-25. 198 is much more interesting and beautiful (also winding and dangerous) than the straight and boring 46.
This picture is from approximately the CA-198's summit east of the San Andreas. I stopped to take a last look back on the central coast before I headed into the central valley.

The central valley is boring, and today the visibility was especially bad. I do not know if it is pollution, dust, or both; but, the drive between the Coalinga and the grapevine was especially dirty, dusty, and dingy.
although you can not see them, there is a large mountain range behind the haze in the right half of the picture.

I was grateful to get to the grapevine and out of the central valley.
I took a wrong fork in on the Pasadena freeway and ended up at St John Ave & Del Mar Blvd. Not a big deal, but when I took the horribly designed ramp onto I-605 I almost got run over by a tracker trailer.

Friday, September 12, 2008

David graduates the Arabic Basic Course

David at the graduation ceremony from the Arabic Basic Course class AD01107 of the Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, CA.