Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out of Monterey

I left Monterey this morning after saying goodbye to Sarah at about 5:40 and arrived to Blythe around 3pm. I took a little different route than I had planned. My first change was taking CA-198 through Coalinga instead of CA-46 via Paso Robles. I just felt like I should take it, plus I had never been on 198 past the intersection with CA-25. 198 is much more interesting and beautiful (also winding and dangerous) than the straight and boring 46.
This picture is from approximately the CA-198's summit east of the San Andreas. I stopped to take a last look back on the central coast before I headed into the central valley.

The central valley is boring, and today the visibility was especially bad. I do not know if it is pollution, dust, or both; but, the drive between the Coalinga and the grapevine was especially dirty, dusty, and dingy.
although you can not see them, there is a large mountain range behind the haze in the right half of the picture.

I was grateful to get to the grapevine and out of the central valley.
I took a wrong fork in on the Pasadena freeway and ended up at St John Ave & Del Mar Blvd. Not a big deal, but when I took the horribly designed ramp onto I-605 I almost got run over by a tracker trailer.

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