Friday, October 3, 2008

Capstone Project

In order to graduate from California State University Monterey Bay (where I am currently attending) I have to do a Capstone project... which is essentially a really big graduation project. It's kind of lame that they make you do it but right now I'm having a little fun with it. I'm currently taking a Genetics and Advanced Cell Molecular Biology class. Last semester I took Biochemistry. The nice thing about taking these hard classes is that I have a really good understanding of Biology and how all these tine tiny molecules make up you as a person. It just amazes me that all these really complex reactions and such are going on in our body all at the same time millions and millions of times and that all of these components come together so beautifully to form you! I don't/ can't understand how any scientist wouldn't believe in a higher being. The chances of all of these things coming together on their own is really 1 in a trillion billion million (i.e 1 in never). For my capstone project I'm going to be writing a 20+ page paper on drugs. I know it sounds boring but there is this really cool website I found from the University of Utah that explains the basics of what I am writing my paper on. It just amazes me that scientists have the technology to make drugs that will have very very minimal to no side effects based on a persons DNA. So here's the link
, go check it out and give me some feedback on it because I want to here what people who have less biological knowledge then I do think about the topic. That way I can try to incorporate that in my paper. My paper is supposed to be geared towards the general population.

So I just found out that I don't have to write a 20 page paper but I have to read a lot of research papers and do a power point presentation and then present it to two professors on a poster! So much easier, but I still have to do research!

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ACDC2005 said...

I'm not a pro in biology but I wouldn't call myself uninformed either. I don't know what kind of feedback you want, but I'm just more of a holistic person. I think the side effects often times are worse then they are made out to be by doctors and I'd rather treat the problem rather than the outward symptom, so holistic is my choice. Although I do believe there is a time and place for western medicine, it is not my preferred first choice.