Saturday, October 18, 2008


In case you didn't know I work at Jamba Juice as a shift manager. I was hired in April and got promoted to Shift Manager (or as they call it lead) in July. I think I do an awesome job being a lead. I always get everything done that I'm supposed to get done, the customers are happy, the employees are happy and my manager is happy. I even got a raise last week. I really like my job because it's fun and I know that my manager really cares about me. The only thing I hate about my job is the store owner. We get along ok. He's really weird socially. He almost never smiles, and when he does it's weird. When he's in a good mood everything is awesome. When he's in a bad mood you better watch out our you'll get yelled at for the stupidest things. But he always seems to be in a bad mood, especially when the store manager isn't at the store (when she is taking her time off). Like today. He "yelled" at me because there were 3 people in line. 2 of which were together (apparently they were trying to decide what they wanted), then the other person in line just got there. The store owner walks out to the lobby and tells the guy he can go ahead of them. So he goes to do that and the other two finally decide what they want so the guy just walks out of the store. While the beginning of this is happening I was in the back checking one of my employees off the register (I have to input the information on the computer). There is a screen in the back office so that you can see what's going on out front while you are in the back. I enter the front of the store about the time I see the owner talking to the guy. He asks me who else is on register, so I get the other employee to go on his register but while that happens the guy walks out the door and the owner is pissed. It's not my fault the guy can't wait 10 secs for someone to take his order, he clearly didn't want Jamba Juice that badly. So the owner proceeds to tell me that I should have seen this and should have told the guy on register to take the other guys order, and he also "yells" at the guy on register for not taking his order first.

Another incident: I need to explain something first before I go into the details. The employees have to count their registers before they are put on a register out front. We had machines that automatically count the change and cash for you based on the weight. Well both the machines that they had broke so all employees have to count the change out by hand and it takes them about 20 mins. My manager took all the change out of the cash drawers and put it into baggies and marked the amount in each baggie, apparently I was not supposed to use these baggies but the rolls instead. This incident happened about 30 mins after the first. All the computer screens for the registers froze, so I had to get the owner to come out and fix it. When he is finished fixing it he is walking back to his office and notices a plastic ziploc bag sitting on the counter where employees count their registers. He brings it out front and asks me what it is. So I tell him that it was for the change that an employee had in his register. He told me that now it's going to be a hassle because the next person that counts the register will have to count $5 in nickles and that I wasn't supposed to use the change in the baggies. So it's my fault that he is such a cheapo that he can't order a change counter when we keep having problems with the old ones and now both of them are broken? He even told me that the new one was going to be here until next week! If it's such a big deal then why didn't he have it overnighted!

I know he's the owner and that whatever he says goes but he doesn't have to be such a jerk to people. Honestly if we didn't have the manager we do and I wasn't moving I would find another job where they appreciate me more. I got a raise last week b/c my manager things I'm doing an awesome job. She said she was really impressed with me and she's really happy with the way I do my job. If he keeps it up he's going to lose all the really great employees and all the crappy ones will be left. We already have barely enough leads to cover all the shifts. I'm so glad I'm leaving in December, so for now I'll just grin and bear it.

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