Friday, March 27, 2009

72-hour Kits

So I decided today to start putting together our 72-hour Kits considering I have all this time on my hands and we have a little extra money to do it. For those of you that have made your kits already what have you put in yours that you think would be a must in an Emergency situation? My mom told me she put sweats as her extra set of clothing because you want to be comfy in a scary situation. Have any tips or ideas for me? Leave me a comment!

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Jeff Powell said...

Soap, toilet paper, bug spray, a tarp, ~50ft of rope, knives, water purification tablets or chlorine (I like chlorine), portable stove, a map of the area, topo map of rendevous locations, a compass, triple antibiotic+pain relief, 200mg (or more) of liquid gel ibuprofen, string, large plastic garbage bags, bandaging materials (for the bigger wounds), of course water and food. Ill add more later.