Friday, March 27, 2009

How will you survive?

So I started our 72 hour kits and have pictures to follow. Doing this made me realize how unprepared we are for an emergency right now. So I started to make a list of all the things we will have to buy/put together in order to be prepared for an emergency. Since I have no idea when this "emergency" will happen I decided that both of our cars needed basic emergency stuff so that if David and I were separated due to work and school we would both be fine. So here's my list:

-Have a first aid kit in each car (like a really nice one with tourniquets and the like)
-Have money in each car and the 72 hour kits (small bills and change)
-Have extra set of clothes in each car (preferably comfy clothes!)
-Have copies of important documents in each car and 72 hour kits
-Get camping gear organized and in one place so it can be grabbed if needed for emergencies (we have hiking back packs, a light tent, headlamps, stove, water filter, lightweight pot and pan, light sleeping bags, thermarests, a water bag/jug etc.) (Can you tell David likes to backpack?)
-We also need to make sure we have flashlights, gas can, etc in the cars.

If you guys think of anything else leave me a comment! Also if you want more info about emergency stuff go to they also have a store that sells pre-made kits. Hope this motivates some of you to get prepared!

And here are the pictures of the 72 hour kits I made:


Jeff Powell said...

is this a 7.2 hour kit?/ Where is the food girl? I really think you need more food. Good job on the duct tape. Also a suggestion is to unwrap toilet paper from a roll and compress it. Unless you use one sheet at a time your little roll is not going to last.

Sarah said...

I only took a picture of one bag of food. There are 3 bags (1 for each day) and a bag of extra food, like snacks etc. Each food bag contains 1 packet of oatmeal (2 are in the extra bag), 1 pack of hot chocolate, beef jerky, a can of meat, a protein bar, mentos, a snack (beef jerky, peanuts, peanuts+cheesy cracker), can of tomato juice, box of juice, fruit snack, a granola bar. I don't think we are going to starve. And I think that the toilet paper I got will do just fine. David doesn't really use toilet paper so I can steal some of his.

Future Mama said...

That's awesome girl!! What is all in there? I want to make some of those! Thanks for sharing, I've seen lists places, what kinds of list did you use?

Oooh I'm excited now! And thanks for the food help! I'm excited to try that too!

ACDC2005 said...

I just saw the comments on here, "David doesn't really use toilet paper?" What the H?