Thursday, April 23, 2009

My daily routine and Organization

So I read on someone else's blog about how they keep their house clean and I started doing these simple things every day

1. Make the bed right after I get up (usually about 8:30-9:00am)
2. Do one load of laundry completely (wash, dry, fold, put away)
3. Keep the sink empty (unload the dishwasher, load the dirty dishes, hand wash the dishes that need to be hand washed, and don't put dishes in the sink (if you put one dish in the sink it's like a magnet and will attract other dishes to the sink))
4. Take 10 minutes to clean up before bed (generally I make sure all the food from dinner is put away, the dishes are in the dishwasher, blankets for the couch are folded and put away and things are put away)
5. When you get in the door put your coat and shoes in the closet

Other things I do are to put my clothes in the hamper from the night before. We have a four compartment hamper so I can automatically sort laundry and I have sock clips so when the socks come out of the dryer they are still together so I don't have to search for the pairs! When I bring the mail in I automatically sort it and throw out anything I don't need, put the bills that do come in the mail onto my mail sorter and once or twice a week I sort through those bills and receipts, shred ones I don' t need and put the rest in my hanging file folder.

The hanging file folder has tabs that are all on the same side and each tab labeled and in alphabetical order so that I know exactly where to put things. I also have folders inside the receipt hanging folder for every month (well 2 months share a folder but they are all there!)

It's so nice to finally have an almost completely organized house! Plus I don't spend hours cleaning.

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