Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I made yummy cinnamon rolls from scratch!

I used this recipe from Alton Brown. It's so good. I also watched this video on youtube of his tv show (there are 2 parts). I started making them last night and pulled them out of the fridge this afternoon (as per the directions of the recipe) and baked them when I got home. They turned out beautifully and taste so good! I remember as a little girl trying to make cinnamon rolls and they didn't turn out as well because I didn't understand the "science" behind the yeast. If you have a little patience and time try these rolls they are delicious. Make sure you follow the recipe exactly and that your ingredients are room temperature also don't use active dry yeast use instant yeast. I accidentally used active dry yeast and they still turned out but they probably could have been fluffier if I used instant. Alton also measures ingredients by weight which is much more accurate than measuring by cups because of compaction and air being in ingredients such as flour. I bought a kitchen scale for $18 at Ross. So if you don't have a kitchen scale I suggest you go get one from Ross, Tj Maxx, or Marshals. Happy Baking!\

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