Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to Canada and Other Things

I haven't written anything new in over a month! I went on a really nice vacation at the beginning of the month. I flew to my parents house in PA May 4th. My parents, sister, and I left PA May 6th and drove to Toronto, Canada for my older brother's Wedding (I'll post pictures soon!). I'm so happy for Wes and Sara! They were sealed in the Toronto, Ontario Temple for time and all eternity May 9th, 2009. I'm so glad that I was able to attend their sealing. It was a very special moment for them and our two families. Seeing them be sealed reminded me of my own sealing and how special the covenants are that we made to each other. I also was able to finally meet my new sister-in-law Sara! The sad part was that Wes had to leave for boot camp the morning after and he is going to be there until August! My dad and I drove back to PA and I spent a few more days there before coming back to GA. Since my return on May 14th I started taking an Anatomy and Physiology class which is very intensive and requires a lot of studying. I will be done with that class June 23rd and starting the second half June 24th along with a Microeconomics course which ends July 29th. I'm taking these classes so that if I do get into Creighton (I'm still on the alternate list) I will be able to attend! If I don't get accepted into Creighton I will be working for the next year, taking an Immunology Class, US History to 1865, and World Literature II in the Fall/Spring, retaking the PCAT, and reapplying for Pharmacy School for Fall 2010. David has been busy with work and entertaining himself while at home. I'll post more details later on my trip to Canada along with Photos.

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