Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trivial Pursuit Wii

David came home Friday night after going on a "business" trip and wanted to spend time with me yesterday. So I went out and bought Trivial Pursuit for the Wii as per David's request and we sat down and played while eating Chinese food. It was a fun date for us. We don't generally go out to eat so staying in and having fun together is something we like to do. I really enjoyed playing the game. The only drawback was the font for the questions was horribly small. It's a fun game for us because both of us are knowledgeable in different subjects. I am usually good at the Science, Entertainment, and Arts and Literature questions and David is good at the Geography, History, and Sports and Leisure questions. If we ever played Trivial Pursuit as a team David and I would do awesome. So if you have a PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 I highly recommend this game.

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