Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Yesterday I made homemade macaroni and cheese from this recipe. It is my favorite mac and cheese recipe ever! The cheese can be a little expensive but trust me you won't be disappointed.

The Ingredients:

Cooking the elbow macaroni so that it's al dente (2-3 mins less than directions on box):
Shredded the Cheese and mixed it all together:

Cubed the bread and poured melted butter over top:

Flour ready and waiting, spices ready and waiting:

Heating up the butter:

Butter starting to bubble:

Adding flour to butter to make a roux:

Mixing the flour/butter with the heated up milk until it is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon:

Add the spices:
Add all but 1.5 cups of the cheese:

Mix until cheese melts and it becomes a cheesy sauce (Yummy!):

Add the cooked macaroni:

Voila the mac and cheese:
Butter pans, in this case I used mini loaf pans so I could freeze the leftovers for future eating:

Pour in the mac and cheese:

Now this is the fun part, you can lick the spoon and stick your finger in the cheese sauce left on the side :D :
Sprinkle the reserved cheese on top:

I decided to use my trusty hand blender to make finer bread crumbs since it's hard for me to chew at the moment (wisdom tooth extraction):

Sprinkle bread cubes or bread crumbs on top of cheese:

Now they are done I can put aluminum foil on top and stick all but one in the freezer:

Put one in the oven on 375 F for 20 mins or less:
Here is the finished product....delicious macaroni and cheese! Now that's what I call comfort food!

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ACDC2005 said...

This looks SOOOOOOO good! I want some!