Friday, August 14, 2009

Yummy Food

I went to Panera Bread recently for lunch and decided to try the Mediterranean Veggie. It was so good! I'm in no way a vegetarian but I do like to eat fruits and veggies. Since I like to cook and don't like to spend oodles of money eating out I decided to try and make the sandwich myself. I went over to Panera Bread and bought a loaf of their bread (unfortunately they were out of the Tomato Basil bread that they use so I bought their three cheese which is also a sourdough). Sure it seems crazy to buy their bread but trust me I can't make this bread myself and their loaves are huge!

These are the ingredients I used to make the sandwich (Tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, feta cheese, hummus, basil, sweet peppers in a jar)

Put 2 slice on a plate (like I said huge loaf!)

Then I placed some of the basil from the tube into a glass dish

I stirred the two together and placed it on the bread. Panera uses a cilantro humus but I'm not too fond of cilantro.

Then I placed the crumbled Feta Cheese on one slice

Washed and sliced a tomato and placed them on top of the feta

Washed and sliced a cucumber and placed those on bread

Sliced some red onion, placed on bread.

Took some of the sweet peppers from the jar and arranged on bread.

Washed and dried some lettuce and placed on bread

Place other slice on top and volia a beautiful, delicious sandwich!

It was really good!


Jeff Powell said...

sista. Three words. Ditch the cucumber. As a Subway Sandwich Artist I see very many people putting cucumber on their sandwiches. Because of this I sometimes, when making a sub for myself, unconsciously put cucumber on mine. I am usually quick to realize the error of my way. However recently I put them in and did not catch the mistake. When I bit in...ewww gross. Cucumbers are fine on the side but they really have too strong a flavor.

Sarah said...

Trust me Jeff they are essential to this sandwich. Try it it's yummy!

Griff-Fam said...

I love cucumbers! I really love that sandwich, but I don't like the hummus panera puts on theirs. Yours looked yummy, though! I like to put that kind of stuff in a pita w/feta cheese!