Monday, December 7, 2009

Creighton Interview

I was ecstatic to receive an email from Creighton University on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving:

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your interest in Creighton University and our Doctor of Pharmacy

We are currently in the process of reviewing your application for admission and
would like to extend you an interview offer. This is a required part of the
application process.

The following interview option is available. As there are many components to
the interview, you must be available for the entire time period of 11:45 a.m.-5


Friday, December 4th, 2009

To reserve your spot for your interview, please respond to this e-mail within 2

weeks. Confirmation information will follow. Questions may be directed to

Lindsay Johnson, Senior Admission Counselor, at (402) 280-2662.

After an interview date has been confirmed, additional information will be
provided regarding the schedule for your visit to Creighton, local

accommodations, and travel.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

As you can imagine I was thrilled! They were waiting on my Oct. PCAT scores to make a decision and so I assumed my scores must have been decent enough to extend such an offer. The only problem was figuring out how to get there on such short notice and not paying an arm and a leg. Thankfully my father-in-law was gracious enough to donate his airline miles so that my plane ticket only cost us a small sum of $105.

I flew out of Atlanta early Friday morning and arrived in Omaha, Nebraska 2 hours before the schedule of events. I got to my hotel room and down to the waiting area 40 minutes before I had to be at Creighton and arrived 15 minutes early. They gave each of us a bag, a binder full of information, and a name tag. We sat through a presentations about Creighton and what we had to look forward to. We then separated into 6 small groups and went to learn more about the school. My group consisted of students that were applying for the distance pathway. We sat through a session that showed us what we would be doing online and we even got to talk to a distance student online and ask questions about the program. After another session that explained to us the equipment we would be getting, a Tablet PC and Ipod touch (3rd year), we finally separated to do our interviews. I apparently interviewed with the chair of the admissions committee! I was so nervous but I answered all their questions and hopefully they liked me enough to accept me! Once the interviews were over we had one more session and then we were taken back to our hotel rooms and the day was over. They said to look for a letter in the mail in 3 weeks! We may get something sooner but they said to give them at least 3 weeks. So here's to hoping that the letter I get tells me that I will be starting Pharmacy School Fall 2010!

Here are some pictures I took on my trip:

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ACDC2005 said...

Congrats! I'm so happy you got in!