Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Kinda of a random post but I wanted to write about this subject. I have started stocking up on baby stuff since we are planning on having a baby at some point in the future. Might as well start buying it now while we can afford it instead of waiting until we have one on the way and dropping a bunch of cash all at once, plus I can buy stuff when I find it on sale. I first started buying baby clothes and quickly got bored with that since there is only so much gender neutral clothes you can buy and I know people like to gift clothes more often than not. I bought a boppy and waterproof cover with a rebate gift card (and it was on sale!). Then I didn't know what to buy! I thought about buying diapers since they are expensive and you can never have too many! But I didn't want to have a bunch of diapers lying around the apartment. I was reading this blog and she wrote a post about gDiapers. They are these diapers that have a cloth pant and you can use either a disposable insert or a cloth insert. They are adorable and I really wanted them. So I slept on it and decided to purchase them the next day...and so began my cloth diaper adventure. I really liked the gDiapers because I didn't think I would like cloth diapers, or at least what I thought cloth diapers were, and these had a cloth option if I wanted to try it. My friend Amanda from church cloth diapers, I discovered this while sewing with her one night and I noticed she had a diaper sprayer in her bathroom. She showed me her Bumgenius diapers. Then I started reading blog posts about cloth diapers and I discovered Kelly's Closet. They have an amazing assortment of cloth diapers and accessories. They also have great coupons on cloth diapers! So I did my research and decided I would start buying cloth diapers so that I would have them for when we do have a baby. My reasons for cloth diapers are 1. They are really cute! (and I can buy them now) 2. They cost a lot less than disposable 3. They are super soft and I wouldn't mind wearing them if I were a baby! 4. They contain huge messes (a lot of people experience blowouts with disposables=poop everywhere!). 5. I'm not really an "environmentalist", but they are better for the earth and I believe in being a steward of the earth, meaning do my part to keep it nice! I'll write more in another post but for now that's what I've decided to do and I have built up a nice stash of cloth diapers...time to start buying bigger things!

Pharmacy School Orientation

I flew out to Omaha at the end of July and had my Pharmacy School orientation. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. It was nice to meet all the people that are in my class and to meet the faculty. As it turns out I have 5 other people in my class that are LDS and at least 1 of my faculty. The first week there was all getting to know you stuff/intro to what we would be doing. The second week was a skills lab. I arrived Sunday evening and two of my classmates came and picked me up at the airport. I stayed in the dorms which were ok. The bed was really uncomfortable and I ended up buying a pillow at target for $4 since their pillows were terrible. Next year I will probably stay in a hotel (and David might be able to come with me!). We got to meet our faculty and mentors at a few lunches. I got a really snazy laptop so I can do all my school work. On Wednesday, July 28th we had our professionalism ceremony where we received our white coats and recited the Oath of a Pharmacist and The Pledge of a Healthcare Professional. The reason they gave us our white coats now is that we will be working as if we were pharmacist while in school and they want us to realize this and make sure we are acting the part. We also had a service project we did earlier in the day. My group helped out at a shelter in the area. On Saturday, July 31st we had our CPR certification class. They split us up into 2 groups for this one half went in the morning the other half in the afternoon. I was in the afternoon class and a bunch of us decided to go to the Farmers Market downtown. We had a lot of fun! There was a Cotton Candy stand and they had 10 different flavors so we purchased one of each and shared it with our class. I had fun eating out with some of my classmates and got to try raw sushi for the first was DELICIOUS! They also had a great local ice cream store that made their own ice cream every day and it was super cheap! I went to Ted and Wally's at least 3 times during my stay. The second week was a lot more work. Every day we had 2 labs to attend and they lasted all day. We learned how to fill a prescription, how to type a prescription in the computer and make a label, how to transfer a prescription over the phone, how to get a prescription off the answering machine (all stuff I know how to do since I work in a pharmacy). We learned how to look up drug information online if we ever needed to use it. We learned how to look at a patients list of medications and determine if anything they were taking is duplicate or would cause an allergic reaction. We made suppositories and capsules. We learned how to inject a drug into an IV bag (sounds easy but it actually takes a little math and you have to take some of the liquid out of the bag in order to have the correct dilution). We learned about TPNs (total parenteral nutrition, basically if you couldn't eat the IV would have all the nutritional requirements for you). We learned how to take liquid out of a bottle and into a syringe (also sounds easy but you have to make sure you push air into the bottle first so that you don't create a vaccum!). We learned sterile preparation (something I already knew from Biology labs). Learning how to use a Class A Torsion balance (they are a pain in the butt to calibrate!). That's pretty much all I can remember!

"The Little Blue Dude" (unofficially our pharmacy school mascot!)


I haven't blogged in forever! Life happens, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. David and I have been really busy these last couple months. David's been on TDY for most of it and I was out in Omaha, NE for my Pharmacy School orientation at the end of July beginning of August. David is back from TDY for a few more days and I have started Pharmacy School! Life is hectic to say the least. We took a short trip up to Maryland to check out the area since we will most likely be moving there next Spring.