Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Kinda of a random post but I wanted to write about this subject. I have started stocking up on baby stuff since we are planning on having a baby at some point in the future. Might as well start buying it now while we can afford it instead of waiting until we have one on the way and dropping a bunch of cash all at once, plus I can buy stuff when I find it on sale. I first started buying baby clothes and quickly got bored with that since there is only so much gender neutral clothes you can buy and I know people like to gift clothes more often than not. I bought a boppy and waterproof cover with a rebate gift card (and it was on sale!). Then I didn't know what to buy! I thought about buying diapers since they are expensive and you can never have too many! But I didn't want to have a bunch of diapers lying around the apartment. I was reading this blog and she wrote a post about gDiapers. They are these diapers that have a cloth pant and you can use either a disposable insert or a cloth insert. They are adorable and I really wanted them. So I slept on it and decided to purchase them the next day...and so began my cloth diaper adventure. I really liked the gDiapers because I didn't think I would like cloth diapers, or at least what I thought cloth diapers were, and these had a cloth option if I wanted to try it. My friend Amanda from church cloth diapers, I discovered this while sewing with her one night and I noticed she had a diaper sprayer in her bathroom. She showed me her Bumgenius diapers. Then I started reading blog posts about cloth diapers and I discovered Kelly's Closet. They have an amazing assortment of cloth diapers and accessories. They also have great coupons on cloth diapers! So I did my research and decided I would start buying cloth diapers so that I would have them for when we do have a baby. My reasons for cloth diapers are 1. They are really cute! (and I can buy them now) 2. They cost a lot less than disposable 3. They are super soft and I wouldn't mind wearing them if I were a baby! 4. They contain huge messes (a lot of people experience blowouts with disposables=poop everywhere!). 5. I'm not really an "environmentalist", but they are better for the earth and I believe in being a steward of the earth, meaning do my part to keep it nice! I'll write more in another post but for now that's what I've decided to do and I have built up a nice stash of cloth diapers...time to start buying bigger things!


ACDC2005 said...

I thought about doing the same. I have a few things lying around the house for a baby or maybe for someone's baby shower, but then I realized we already have too much crap in our house it's just not gonna fit. Also I have made it a point now to not center my life around a baby, and that won't help me. We also started saving for adoption, and had the money, but then realized that Dustin could be getting out soon and we will have no insurance, so we might as well keep it for now. Are you wanting to have a baby soon?

Griff-Fam said...

Wow, that is serious planning! Way to go! I wish I had planned ahead more on things like diapering...I promised myself if we have more kids I'm doing cloth diapers. I have a lot of friends that use them, and I wish I had. Its an investment, you'll save money in the long run!

I think that is so great to think ahead and try and figure out what kind of Mom you are going to be and what things you'll need..

One thing you might want to purchase before baby comes especially if you find a sale is a really good breast pump. Sorry if that sounds weird, but it totally saved my life with baby #2, when he couldn't get the hang of nursing the first week and I was in pain. Whether you plan on nursing or not, a quality pump will at least let you feed your baby the healthiest way possible for as long as you are able, even if you work. That was my most important buy the second time. But the Boppy is good, too!

You'll definitely end up having way too many clothes that you'll never use. My favorite baby products are Burt's Bees Baby... They smell so good, and were the only product that didn't give my kids excema. Johnson's gave them a rash when they were very little until about 1 year old.

When you need to get a crib or other furniture, seriously, check out craig's list or consignment stores... New furniture is so expensive, and if you guys move a lot(which you might) every time we have taken the crib apart and put it back together, it gets more and more wobbly, even if we tighten the screws...So you might as well find a really nice used one, in case something like that might happen. Plus, you'd be surprised at how many really nice used stuff there is out there!
Can't wait to find out when you guys make the big announcement! You'll be a great Mom!

Sarah said...

Thanks Alaina! I definitely plan on buying a breast pump and breastfeeding. Thanks for all the advice too! As for a crib my nana has been buying all the great-grandchildren cribs so I won't have to worry too much about that. I have decided that we aren't going to get a drop side crib though because those tend to have a lot of recalls. Can't wait to make an announcement either! Although it will be a little while:)