Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Move

December was a very stressful month, I had finals, packing, moving, and clearing out the apartment and planning for Christmas. I had final exams Dec. 13-17. I gave notice to my apartment complex that we were moving out on Dec. 20th so that I would have time to pack, clean, and move but also finish my exams. I made plans for the Elder's Quorum to help me move everything into storage on Dec. 18th. David is currently deployed but when he returns he has 2 months of training in Texas. After that we are planning on moving and buying a house. We decided that I would get a head start on moving since David will pretty much be gone until we officially move and we would probably end up moving in the middle of my Spring Finals, which is not an option. Since David hasn't received his orders yet I couldn't have the Army move us which meant I had to pack everything and put it in storage. Basically I got maybe 4 hours of sleep a night from the 13-19th. I studied for my exams and in between I packed up our entire apartment. Thankfully I had 2 very sweet friends from church come and help me on 2 separate occasions. Then moving day came and I had to pick up the rental truck from the storage unit and try and coordinate with 10+ people on what to put on the truck first and where to place it in the storage unit. Let's just say it was organized chaos but we managed to fit everything in the storage unit and empty the apartment. (David I am never packing/moving our stuff by "myself" again :D, love you!) After that crazy day I took a nap, woke up, ate dinner, and got to work cleaning the apartment. It took forever but I did it! Sunday morning I woke up went to Sacrament meeting since I had promised I would come say goodbye. I then went back to the apartment and finished cleaning it. Another very sweet lady from church came to my rescue and brought her vacuum cleaner. Mine was not picking up anything. She even vacuumed all my rugs for me! The apartment office closes at 4pm on Sundays and I had to either tell them to come do a final walk through that day or I would have to wait until 9am Monday to do it. I wanted to be done with the apartment and out of there ASAP since I had a 12.5 hour drive to my parents house with my busting at the seams car. My mother called me at 3:20 and I was in a panic to get the apartment done! I had 30mins and no time to talk on the phone so I started freaking out, my mom reminded me that it didn't have to be perfect and she was right. Thankfully all I had left was to make sure the bathroom was clean and the kitchen sink was clean. I literally finished at 3:50 and ran to the office since my car was so full. I got there just in time and the manager drove me to the apartment in his golf cart. Everything checked out fine with him. I signed off on a piece of paper saying all was good and turned over all our keys to him. I then had to throw away all the trash that I had left outside the apartment...which meant I had to walk it all to the garbage compactor since my car was full. I finally just took the empty box and stuck it on my car and drove the rest of the trash to the compactor. I was so exhausted, sore all over, and straving. I drove over to Wendy's and sat in their parking lot enjoying my chili, baked potato, and chocolate frosty. I decided I was too tired to drive to my parents house and drove 2 hours to my in laws and spent the night. I had such a hard time focusing on the drive up to their house I'm glad I made it in one piece! I went to bed and for once that week didn't set any alarms. I got 11 hours of sleep! I then left for my parents house and arrived around 9pm that night! I was so glad for all that to be over with! Let's just say I never want to do it again! But I did get to enjoy Christmas with my family and now I am helping my mother organize and clean up her house. There's too much stuff here and it needs to be dejunked. I finally have Jeff's old room set up the way I want it while I'm here. I plan on focusing on school work, training for my half marathon in Feb, finishing my fundraising for LLS, and working on some sewing projects. After this semester is over I am excited for us to buy our first house and start getting things settled down again. Oh the joys of moving! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Jessi said...

ph joy! hee hee, miss you you! happy new year!