Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disney, Texas, and other things

Since my last update David has returned home from another deployment. I turned 25 yrs old. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with LLS, my  mom, my sister, and David.  We all finished and had a great time. David and I visited all the Disney parks.  We are currently in Texas while David does some training.  We leave here at the end of the month and he returns to GA while I go back to PA to finish my finals.  These finals mark the end of my first year in pharmacy school! I'm super excited to have one year down.  2 more to go and 1 year of rotations and I'll be done!  David and I will be busy running around the country the next few months. David is going on a trip to CA to climb Mt. Shasta with a few of his friends (my brother included), his dad, brother, and some of his dad's friends. They will have a blast!  I will be heading to Houston,TX at the same time as David leaves for CA to take a compounding course. I'll be staying with one of my classmates who is also a member of my church. (Want to know more about it click on the "I'm a Mormon" button on the right).  After our separate trips we will meet up to go to a wedding in Indiana.  In June I head out to Creighton for a few weeks to do my labs for school and take an Immunization course.  I can't wait to see all my distance classmates again. We've been chatting up a storm on Facebook so it will be nice to see them in person again.  We definitely help each other out a ton and I'm super grateful for technology that allows us to communicate and study together.  David and I will be moving sometime this summer to Maryland. We are in the process of looking for a house to purchase. I'm super excited that we will be homeowner's!  Since being here in TX we have spent a lot of time going to the different cities. We've been to Austin a few times, Dallas, San Antonio and I have been to Houston. We ran the Rockin' Roll Dallas Half Marathon and I made a new PR, 2hour and 18 mins! We did an Austin Dash which was fun but could have been better.  Last weekend we went to San Antonio and ran a 10k. This weekend we are going to San Antonio again so I can attend a pharmacy meeting (requirement for school).  Other than our exciting adventures school has been keeping me super busy with test after test. Thankfully I only have one more before finals and I can't wait for it to be over! I need a summer vacation!

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ACDC2005 said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy! Mt. Shasta is very pretty I bet that will be a cool hike for the guys! Where in Indiana is the wedding? Good luck on your last test and finals!