Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bye Bye Summer!

Time has flown by so fast these last few months. We were busy running around the country and getting things ready to move.  After leaving Texas I went back to stay with my family, which is where we are now until the end of the month.  In May I finished my first year of pharmacy school and took a compounding course in Houston with some of my classmates.  It was lots of fun.
David went to CA and went on a mountaineering trip to Mount Shasta with his brother, my brother Jeff, his friend Chris, his dad and some of his dad's buddies.  They unfortunately didn't make it to the top but they all made it down safely.
In June I had my summer labs at school and an immunization course (I can officially vaccinate people!).

David and I attended a wedding of one of his buddies.
In July we made several trips from PA to GA getting things ready to move.  At the end of July we finally had orders and packed all of our stuff onto a truck from the storage unit it was in and moved it into another storage unit up in MD.  In August we finally found our first house, (We sign all the paperwork at the end of the month and it is officially ours!)
 I attended the wedding of one of my childhood friends in Canada and got to visit my brothers, I started my 2nd year of Pharmacy School and David started working at his new unit.

This month is going to be busy with me having tests every week for school and us finally closing on our first house.