Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Real Food Challenge

Wow it's been awhile! But that's what happens when you have a husband deployed, a baby to take care of, a house to keep up, and pharmacy school.  I'll update you on what's been happening in another post but I wanted to write about our 30 day real food challenge.

We get our produce delivered weekly from Hometown Harvest. It's an awesome company that delivers mostly organic produce from local farms and sometimes if they can't find it locally from sources elsewhere in the United States.  It's fairly inexpensive and a great time-saver for me because it means less trips to the grocery store.  We also get our milk, meat, eggs, and a few other things delivered from another company called South Mountain Creamery and we love it too!  Hometown Harvest started this 30-day real food challenge based off the 100 days of real food 10 day pledge. We decided to take on the challenge and only eat real food for the month of May.  We actually started the challenge a day late since we hadn't quite gotten our act together.  What does it mean to eat real food? It means that we eat hardly any processed food and a lot of food made from scratch.  Anything that is processed can only have 5 ingredients that are real food (for example we bought a bag of frozen veggies for a stir fry from Trader Joes). Here are the rules we are trying to follow (which were adapted from Michael Pollan's book I mention later).  I'll try and keep this blog updated with what we ate to keep myself accountable throughout the challenge and to show everyone that it really is possible to eat healthy wholesome food that tastes good.  I highly suggest everyone read Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto and Food Rules and to watch Food Inc (if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it for free).  I'll leave you with that and post later about a few things I have made.

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Jeff Powell said...

You are such a hippy. That being said there are some pretty nasty chemicals in food processing. Knowing what I know about chemistry makes me want to avoid some foods because I know that they can't get rid of the chemicals they processed it with....